Coronavirus (COVID-19) has our whoLife in a Coronavirus effected world - Service With a Style Consultingle world upside down. I am not writing about cures or quarantines. I will let the Healthcare Professionals discuss that. What I do want to talk about is some of the important keys to getting your business through this unusual time. The cool thing is once you put these practices in place it will be that much easier to continue doing them after this has all passed. With all this talk about essential and nonessential business, I want to dig down into things that are truly ESSENTIAL right now in your business practices.


Be Inventive

Let Service With a Style help you host a virtual happy Hour - Photo credit: Dirk D. Myers PhotographyUnless you are a small business that has been considered essential, there is a good chance you aren’t open. Being forced to close your doors in a booming economy is a hard pill to swallow. It can leave you discouraged and ready to give up. I do want to say that this is really the worst time to think about throwing in the towel. With so many other people sitting at home, this is a great time to harness some of that. Are you a bar that is currently closed with no way to sling drinks to your guests? What is stopping you from doing something creative? Virtual Happy Hours, or Trivia could be a great way to try to get a hold of some of those regulars that aren’t at your bar top tonight.

What is a Virtual Cocktail Party (Find out here)

There are so many tools out there that can help you connect to your clients or guests that will put them in front of you in the virtual world. The important thing is that you are making sure those people that you have seen so often remember you are still out there. Our company, Service With a Style,  has the technical background to help put you out there. This is one example of how to come up with ways to connect with your audience. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you to see how your business can make a splash in your community.

Keep It Current

Be on time. Service With a Style Consulting can help youThese times are so uncertain right now. It’s nice for you to let people know that you are still available for curbside pick up or carryout. However, if you aren’t open on certain days, you need to make sure all of your web pages and social media tells your customers just that. It’s very frustrating to show up on a Sunday only to find out you aren’t open that day because you changed your hours. If you have changed to a simpler menu for carryout or curbside make sure people know that as well.

Have you gone into Yelp and Trip Advisor and made sure your hours are up to date? Have you checked Google to make sure your current information is reflected? Right now it is essential that people can rely on your information more than ever. If you need a hand with that or have any questions Service With a Style is there to help.

We’d love your feedback on this topic. What are some things you have done to make sure your business stays connected with the home-bound world? Please use the comment section below or where you see this article on social media to talk about some of your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you. Also, if you are looking for some ideas, please feel free to contact us. at Service With a Style. We are happy to help when we can.