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Classic American Treasures - Created and Designed by DDM Creative

Classic American Treasures

This concept was awesome! I am so glad they approached me. Two friends that have worked together for years. Always wanted to build, and showcase hard work and time-honored craftsmanship. Stuff like the amazing structures around us just makes you think about American ingenuity. It’s great to work with Larry and Michael of Classic American Treasures.

They reclaim and repurpose old materials from structures that have gotten old. Recycling materials that are still very useful.

We have done their full WordPress website with logo work and original images. When you get a chance take a look at Classic American Treasures! They are doing some really great things there!.

Pipezone Wholesale Warehouse Bubblers - IDDM Creative and Dirk D Myers Photography

Pipezone Warehouse

There are a lot of aspects to building a great product Website. It’s not just about putting up products and hoping people will just see them and buy them. There is a lot of work that goes into a successful process.

Well-staged and placed product shots are a lot of work in themselves. Then when you add organization and SEO and SEM it makes the project even more daunting.

We help Pipezone Wholesale Warehouse do just that. Pipezone is a Business to Business concept, in Las Vegas, that works with companies locally and abroad. We have taken many of their new product shots and added them to their online inventory. Part of that process also includes consulting on marketing  and search engine optimization to get the most attention to their site and individual pieces.

It is amazing how beautiful so many of these pieces the sell are. These pieces come from all over the world and reflect the beauty and diversity of each individual culture.

Marshall Howden Shots by Dirk D Myers Photography

Marshall Howden and Song of Hope

I worked on a joint project with Damian Porfirio to do a campaign video as well as photos. We were able to shoot the majority in one day.

I did a series of headshots, in addition to several images of Marshall  at attractions around the Branson, Missouri area.

We have also done some shots for Marshall and his Song of Hope project! Find out more here!

A Sweet Escape Day Spa and Wellness

A Sweet Escape Day Spa and Wellness

Jennifer Dean has a fabulous Spa and we are so glad to be working with her.

She uses Square for her payment system, so we decided to set her up with a webpage that utilizes Square and its ability to book appointments and scheduling.

If you live in theHollister and  Branson, Missouri area check her site out at www.ASweetEscapeSpa.com. It gives her exactly what she needs to give clients the opportunity to book online.

DDM Creative is proud to support Larry Milton and Rick Castillon for Alderman in the City of Branson
Chuck Rodriguez for Branson Mayor Sign designed by DDM Creative

Branson Alderman Campaigns for Larry Milton, Rick Castillon, and Chuck Rodriguez

We were glad to have the opportunity to support Larry Milton and Rick Castillon for Alderman in their elections for Alderman in Ward 2 in Branson, Missouri. Larry also used my images for his Mayoral campaigns.

DDM Creative designed the website for Larry’s campaign and was also involved with the social media presence. We are working with Rick on his Facebook presence. We also did photography for both candidates.

In 2022, I worked with Chuck Rodriguez. DDM Creative did some extensive graphic design pieces, including street sign designs for his campaign and full-screen  IMAX ads. We are also doing sign work for his Mayoral campaign for 2023,



Main Street Marina on the Branson Landing. A client of DDM Creative and Dirk D Myers Photography
New Year Photo Booth - Dirk D Myers Photography

Main Street Marina and The Paddlewheel

Main Street Marina on The Branson Landing was one of the  most popular spots on Lake Taneycomo in Branson, Missouri.

We were proud to call them clients for a few years wehen I had my business in Branson.

In addition to the Main Street Marina Website, we also helped them mange their other business sites as well. These other sites  include: The Paddlewheel, Main Street Lake Cruises, and Landing Axes.

We had also done photography for them for various marketing items and Photo Booths for many of their big events. We have done video for them and we maintained their Youtube channel.We were also involved with their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter presence. In addition, we also wrote and managed their Blog, The Anchor.