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by | Aug 22, 2020 | Best Practices, For The Boss, For The Owner

Display your craft with original pics. Not just something from a web search - Photo Dirk D Myers Photography

A key to standing out in your industry is finding a way to connect with folks at all of the places your brand is located. You want people to recognize you online and when they walk through your doors. Whether you are a DJ, a Band, a Restaurant, or a Boutique, you want people to associate specific things with who you are, so using content that is specifically designed for you is essential.

That is what we do at DDM Creative and Dirk D Myers Photography! We specialize in finding ways to make you stand out by capturing the personality of your business. Since we have experience with most marketing mediums, we can find that niche for you and carve out what makes YOU special in your particular industry.

Putting Focus on Your Image

DDM Creative - Dirk D Myers Photography

We specialize in working with smaller companies, organizations, and individuals that don’t fit into a cookie-cutter method of marketing. You have a special niche and that means you want a unique strategy to show why it is you stand out. This also means that using standard stock images and common social posting templates won’t work as well either. DDM Creative and Dirk D Myers Photography can take those custom photos and use them to create your own style that represents who you are in all forms of media. We will take your project from beginning to end without you having to outsource other freelancers. This takes all of that work off your to-do list.

Stand Out

We will capture media of YOUR staff doing THEIR thing for YOUR BRAND. The people they see on your website or social media page will be the folks they have seen at your business. Don’t settle for some stock footage that someone found somewhere promoting someone else’s folks. DDM Creative will focus on great ways to feature the things that show your organization off. Let your personality shine through! We can help you do that.

Don’t settle for someone that makes you look like all of the others. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make your business “pop” . All you have to do is drop us a message below. We will reach out to you!

DDM Creative can make you and your crew stand out - Photo Dirk D Myers Photography


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